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We use what we believe to be some of the best equipment and materials in the industry. From our Induction Casting Machine to our Porcelain furnace, to our German and Japanese CAD-CAM systems. Magnification is utilized for all important steps, and color corrected lighting is used throughout the laboratory. 

  • Amann Ghirbach Milling machine, uses an innovative 5-axis technology for guaranteed perfect results. Your patients will profit from precisely fabricated restorations.

  • Roland Milling machine. Made in Japan, we use this mill for very precise full arch restorations in zirconia, PMMA, and high strength Acetal materials.

  • Formalbs Form2 3D-printer for printing implant surgical guides, dental models and much more. 

  • Our array of scanners: Neway from open technologies, 3shape, and Identica Hybrid from Medit.

  • Our Ivoclar porcelain furnaces use precise program steps to fire the porcelain, and are carefully calibrated and maintained for optimum results.

  • Our Color Corrected lighting ensures optimum esthetics and color matching for your restorations.

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