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The Neway Desktop Scanner offers advanced capabilities, with lightning speed scan-time, and a wide scanning platform.

  • Higher scanning speed

  • Flexible and easy to use

  • Accurate Straightforward process

  • Automatic alignment

  • No orientation restrictions of the object inside the scanner

  • Simultaneous design and scanning

  • Simultaneous scanning and mesh generation

  • Project saved automatically and continuously

  • Expert Mode

  • Periodic calibration control

  • Constant automatic and free updates

  • Open file formats Integration with main

  • CAD software

  • Customizable software and scanning parameters

  • Online Wiki Manual

  • Structured light technology

  • Mouse 3D ready

  • 24-months extension of warranty​

Incredibly fast and versatile, NeWay allows scanning any type of object thanks to its wide and accessible scanning chamber. Accurate as all the other Open Technologies’ scanners, NeWay optimises your daily work and it adapts to your necessities.


The non-conventional scanner

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Call 800-921-5005 for details
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